Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Slow.....

I think my title should be So Slow!!!!! So freaking slow!!!!!

Darn, my internet connection is super dooooper slllllooooowwwwww!!!!! I already called Sun Broadband and the customer agent said that their fixing something in my area. Connection will be good in 3 days. Helloooo, my connection has been like this for more than a week already! It'll be the 3rd day on Friday, let's see if my conection goes back to normal.

Just wanna share =)

I asked Jose to accompany me in shopping for some stuffs. We met at up the mall, I was at Rustan's and he called, he said he was already there and he can't see me. How could that be, right floor, right section ,.... ooopps wrong department store! I erroneously texted him that I was at SM ha ha ha! Good thing we're at Ayala Center, he'll just have to walk around Glorietta (which is btw smaller now) to meet me.

I give him credit for tonight, (plucking him out from work and texting him to meet me at the wrong department store!) for coming to my rescue. Sleepless lass Jaki asked busy Jose to meet her at the mall so he can help her carry her shopping bag. Sweet! =)

- Jaki

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