Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Wedding Rings

Went to the Bridal Fair this afternoon at the NBC the Tent at The Fort.

Jose is not a fan of Bridal Fairs, he does not like cramped places, narrow hallways and a lot of people inching their way to their would be suppliers. I've been telling him about the fair after I got complimentary tickets from my officemate Mai. His usual reaction, uhmmm, deadma... more of he has no reaction...NR. I was glad he said yes to going to the fair when I sent him an SMS last night.

Fast forward to this was very in! When we got to the tent, his first reaction was... "Parang sa Mega". Not good, "Mega" was where we attended our 1st Bridal Fair. That fair was uber box-office, felt like we were inside the MRT/LRT on a rush hour! I had to check out the ring suppliers fast! First stop was Radiant, the guys manning the booth were very helpful, they had the style of the rings we wanted and the price is not bad. Next stop was V-Gem, the ladies manning the booth were very pleasant, they didn't have the design we want but were doing their best to have an idea as to how it looks like and the price was not bad too. Third and last stop, My Diamond...

The 50% discount poster at the My Diamond store caught my attention, who would miss that hehehe! We checked out the rings (a lot of designs hahaha). We were finally down to 2 designs and not one of them had the style I initially wanted (fickle hihihi, the 50% discount made me change my mind).

Pair#1: 5 stones for the bride, no stones for the groom - this Jose preferred coz of the width
Pair#2: 7 smaller stones for the bride, no stones for the groom - my pick, downside is it has smaller width than #1

Jose picked Pair#1, I picked Pair#2, what did we get?

Pair#2, Jose doesn't want me to rant, I've already set my mind on having 7 stones on my ring! =)

Here's a picture of the ring, we'll do away with the yellow gold, we prefer white gold.

Pictures taken using my handyphone

- Jaki


  1. hi sis jaki,

    congratz on getting your wed rings. you were there din pala sa fair. i was with h2b last sat but didn't go back on sun. layo sa amin. it was nice, but like what you said, masikip noh. did you try yung weddings & beyond search for model na couples? hehehe what an experience. ayy bumunot ba kayo dun sa price tree? it's a bummer kc yung nakuha namin purple bag with choco.


    eyzel =)

  2. Hi Eyzel,

    You were at the fair pala last Saturday. I didn't know may freebies pala and all, we were there for around 30 minutes only. Semi-allergic kasi si h2b sa fairs...

  3. Hi Best!

    Thanks! I'll send you a clearer picture pag nakuha namin. Miss you!