Monday, August 31, 2009

French Net Sisses Mini EB

Met up with W@W sisses this afternoon at Coffee Bean in Trinoma for a mini EB.

Lyn, one of W@W's DIY queens distributed our french net orders. Being recently wed, she also served as our resource person. Everyone was ready with their pen and paper/notebook (cellphone). It was quite a sight when the brides-to-be all reached for their pen and paper to jot notes when Lyn started talking! It was like being in a mini-forum wherein Lyn was the speaker. Got a lot of tips from her and she was so nice to show us her wedding pictures. Thanks Sis!

Present were Lyn, Maan (ni King), Dah, Shens, Len (ni JR) and Len (ni Orj). Pinky also met up with us but left early.

Here are our pictures.

Photo taken by Len (ni JR)
in this photo : Me, Shens, Dah, Lyn, Len (ni Orj) and Maan (ni King)

More pics below =)

in this photo: Lyn, Len, Len, Maan, Dah, Shens and Me

And here's the culprit why I decided to order the french net too...

- Jaki


  1. sis... \
    lapad ko dun... he he..

    oops! un first pic nun sa fascinator, deconstructed... he he di ba meron sira un veil napunta sayo.. he he

    natawa naman me sa resource person.. he he

    nice meeting you al.. muah!

    seafarer2bwed (LYN)

  2. hey, have i known you will have EB, nakisali ako.
    I was there yesterday too...watched movie "Up" and bought our gifts for our Ninongs.


  3. Hi Jak!!!

    Bagay sa yo super yung veil! I also wanted a veil like that for my wedding (di ko gusto yung traditional veil) but di pumayag ang buong mundo!

    Keri mo, Jaki... agh, di ko type si KC, though. She looks pa-cute. Di bagay!

  4. Lyn, Sis you're a sweetheart! Sa uulitin ha =)
    Hmmm, why not, para masulit ang french net with the deconstructed look?

  5. Jhan, sayang, sana nga you met-up with us. We were there from 2:30-6pm. Did you like the movie? I find UP really nice.

  6. Franz, I really want one, but I'll be using it for pre-nup or postnup only, maybe reception too.
    Just like you, no choice but to go with the traditional veil. Haay!
    Hahaha, I'm not a fan too, I bought the magazine coz #1 of the veil, #2 coz of chuvaness hahaha =) and #3 it comes with a free back issue, quite a steal for me =)

  7. Yes. Loved the movie. Actually, 'was my first 3D film :P

  8. hey sis, i grabbed a photo, hope you don't mind. hihi!^_^

    love your blog,btw!^_^
    'til next EB!^_^
    happy preps!^_^