Monday, August 31, 2009

French Net Sisses Mini EB

Met up with W@W sisses this afternoon at Coffee Bean in Trinoma for a mini EB.

Lyn, one of W@W's DIY queens distributed our french net orders. Being recently wed, she also served as our resource person. Everyone was ready with their pen and paper/notebook (cellphone). It was quite a sight when the brides-to-be all reached for their pen and paper to jot notes when Lyn started talking! It was like being in a mini-forum wherein Lyn was the speaker. Got a lot of tips from her and she was so nice to show us her wedding pictures. Thanks Sis!

Present were Lyn, Maan (ni King), Dah, Shens, Len (ni JR) and Len (ni Orj). Pinky also met up with us but left early.

Here are our pictures.

Photo taken by Len (ni JR)
in this photo : Me, Shens, Dah, Lyn, Len (ni Orj) and Maan (ni King)

More pics below =)

in this photo: Lyn, Len, Len, Maan, Dah, Shens and Me

And here's the culprit why I decided to order the french net too...

- Jaki

Sunday, August 30, 2009

KC's Headpiece - Fascinator hat cum Bird cage veil

I was bloghopping and visiting my favorite sites and I saw this picture...oh my KC is wearing a fascinator hat cum birdcage veil.

According to, Cassandra Concepcion (aka KC)is this September's Metro Magazine cover girl. I'll go grab a copy =)

Very timely, w@w sisses will have a mini EB for Lyn's distribution of the french nets. Guess what, I ordered a yard too =)

- Jaki

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entourage Gowns

I emailed 3 of my bridesmaids regarding their gown design pick early this morning. No replies yet. Expecting their emails soon =)

Here are additional gown designs for them to choose from:


French Net

I think I want to wear a birdcage veil or a french net hairband for our pre-nup or post nup.


- Jaki

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bella's Gowns

These two gowns I like amongst the sketches of designers as to what they envisioned Twilight's Bella would wear on her wedding day.

Taken from

- Jaki

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Wedding Rings

Went to the Bridal Fair this afternoon at the NBC the Tent at The Fort.

Jose is not a fan of Bridal Fairs, he does not like cramped places, narrow hallways and a lot of people inching their way to their would be suppliers. I've been telling him about the fair after I got complimentary tickets from my officemate Mai. His usual reaction, uhmmm, deadma... more of he has no reaction...NR. I was glad he said yes to going to the fair when I sent him an SMS last night.

Fast forward to this was very in! When we got to the tent, his first reaction was... "Parang sa Mega". Not good, "Mega" was where we attended our 1st Bridal Fair. That fair was uber box-office, felt like we were inside the MRT/LRT on a rush hour! I had to check out the ring suppliers fast! First stop was Radiant, the guys manning the booth were very helpful, they had the style of the rings we wanted and the price is not bad. Next stop was V-Gem, the ladies manning the booth were very pleasant, they didn't have the design we want but were doing their best to have an idea as to how it looks like and the price was not bad too. Third and last stop, My Diamond...

The 50% discount poster at the My Diamond store caught my attention, who would miss that hehehe! We checked out the rings (a lot of designs hahaha). We were finally down to 2 designs and not one of them had the style I initially wanted (fickle hihihi, the 50% discount made me change my mind).

Pair#1: 5 stones for the bride, no stones for the groom - this Jose preferred coz of the width
Pair#2: 7 smaller stones for the bride, no stones for the groom - my pick, downside is it has smaller width than #1

Jose picked Pair#1, I picked Pair#2, what did we get?

Pair#2, Jose doesn't want me to rant, I've already set my mind on having 7 stones on my ring! =)

Here's a picture of the ring, we'll do away with the yellow gold, we prefer white gold.

Pictures taken using my handyphone

- Jaki

Maid of Honor's Gown Inspiration

My bestfriend Karen, who is based in the US will be my Maid of Honor. I couldn't think of anyone else who'd be deserving of that role on my wedding day. She's my bestest (if there's such a word) friend in the whole wide world! She'll be flying thousand of miles to be here on my big day, right Best?

Here's a picture of the gown inspiration of what she'll be wearing:

Gown will be made of satin in midnight blue with strap on the neck in cotton candy pink.

I'm sure she'll look lovely in that gown by Tita Adora.

- Jaki

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Planning Seminar

I stumbled upon this blogpost while searching for "getting a Marriage License in Quezon City" and "Family Planning Seminar" related stuffs.

I'm at a loss for words if this is how the seminar will be...



The highlight of the entire process was, funnily enough, the family planning seminar! H and I went, expecting to have a boring few hours ahead of us. But the minute the woman conducting the seminar (or "briefing" as she called it) said the word "t*t*," we knew we weren't in for a snooze-worthy biology lecture! I never thought I would hear that word said so many times in a seminar. I couldn't even bring myself to type it here. Haha.

The woman who conducted it was probably in her 40s, and she was so deadpan that it made what she was saying even more comical. Some gems:

Woman: Ang IUD po ay nilalagay sa matres ng babae. Ayaw po ito gamitin ng karamihan ng lalake kasi 'yung iba, natatakot daw na matusok ang t*t* nila. Sir, kita niyo naman kung nasaan ang IUD. Sa tingin niyo ba matutusok kayo diyan? Kung matusok pa kayo, matakot na kayo, hindi na kayo tao.


Read more at:

Di kinaya ng powers ko!

- Jaki

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adora Revilloza: Entourage Gown

We booked a new supplier today!=)

Last week, I posted a message at W@W asking for recommendations for an entourage gown maker. Several sisses replied, I wrote all their suggestions and told myself I will contact these suppliers and pay them a visit if the phone conversation turns out well. First and only call I made was for Adora Revilloza.

Tita Adora is one of the suppliers I shortlisted, actually, I already sent her an email last March regarding bridal and entourage gowns and she was very prompt in replying. I haven't gotten back to her after that since I already booked Janet Castro to do my gown. Since we only have 4 months to go before our big day, I feel that we have to book the entourage gowns supplier since we're already pressed for time.

This morning, Jose picked me up at a litle past 10am and off we went to Krus na Ligas, Quezon City to meet with Tita Adora. I only want to check out her creations. I have no plans of booking her yet since I still have several suppliers on my list. Besides, Jose was already a little upset due to traffic (what's new? lol) and the narrow streets on the way to Tita Adora was not helping (lines on Jose's forehead now visible, he's upset again, great!). I was already preparing myself that he'll suggest that we look for another supplier after this visit. When we finally got to Tita Adora's house, he asked me to go ahead and that he'll just look for a parking space.

Tita Adora is very pleasant and easy to deal with. Luckily, she had several gowns for delivery this afternoon, I was able to check out her actual creations.

One gown looked like this:
(that's Tita Adora holding the gown, picture taken using my handyphone, sorry I wasn't able to take a snap at the long gown)

I'll have one of our bridesmaids wear a gown like that in this color combination:
(that's supposed to be midnight blue with cotton candy pink, again picture taken using my handyphone)

here's another gown (promise, it looks pretty, sorry picture once more taken using my handyphone)

While talking to Tita Adora I sent Jose this SMS: "I'm going to book her. I like her".

The search for our entourage gown supplier is over. I booked Tita Adora, after less than 30 minutes of meeting her for the first time.

Gowns will be made of satin, in midnight blue with cotton candy pink accent.

Measurements will be taken next week earliest. Speedy =p

- Jaki

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiration Board #2

Still looking for the midnight blue, cotton candy pink and lilac inspiration board.

I'm already tempted to make one...

taken form Project Wedding
- Jaki

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inspiration Board

I've been looking for an inspiration board that will have our motif (midnight blue, cotton candy pink and lilac)

I got this from snippet and ink, quite close, less the lilac part...

Palette: inky midnight blue, soft pale pink

- Jaki

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Slow.....

I think my title should be So Slow!!!!! So freaking slow!!!!!

Darn, my internet connection is super dooooper slllllooooowwwwww!!!!! I already called Sun Broadband and the customer agent said that their fixing something in my area. Connection will be good in 3 days. Helloooo, my connection has been like this for more than a week already! It'll be the 3rd day on Friday, let's see if my conection goes back to normal.

Just wanna share =)

I asked Jose to accompany me in shopping for some stuffs. We met at up the mall, I was at Rustan's and he called, he said he was already there and he can't see me. How could that be, right floor, right section ,.... ooopps wrong department store! I erroneously texted him that I was at SM ha ha ha! Good thing we're at Ayala Center, he'll just have to walk around Glorietta (which is btw smaller now) to meet me.

I give him credit for tonight, (plucking him out from work and texting him to meet me at the wrong department store!) for coming to my rescue. Sleepless lass Jaki asked busy Jose to meet her at the mall so he can help her carry her shopping bag. Sweet! =)

- Jaki

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Short Dress

Ooohhh...can I wear something like this on our pre-nup?

hmmm... so lacey...

I like! =p

- Jaki

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess How Much I Love You

I heart this book. It's a children's book that speak so much about LOVE.

I remember giving Jose a copy of this book on our first year together.

Sweetie, right up to the moon and back... =)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Guess How Much I Love You is a children's book written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, published in 1995 by Candlewick Press. The book was a 1996 American Library Association Notable Children's Book[1]. According to Candlewick, in addition to the ALA award and numerous other awards, it has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and been published in 37 languages

- Jaki

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blue Please!

I'd love to have this bouquet in blue!

Hmmm... just looked through my contract with Angel of Hearts, I'm definitely having blue ecuadorian roses on my wedding day =)

- Jaki

More Entourage Gown Inspiration

Like I said, I'll be posting more pictures of my entourage's gown inspiration.

I better let my Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Secondary Sponsors know that this blog exists so they can pick what they want to wear!

Most photos were taken form




Hmmm...I still need gown inspirations for my Junior Bridesmaids! I'll blog about that soon =)

- Jaki

Friday, August 7, 2009

Entourage Gowns

Jose and I agreed that our entourage will be wearing barongs for men and long/floor length gowns for women.

Sharing with you my gown inspirations for my pretty ladies. Do you think these will fall under the revealing gowns category?

nice ribbon at the back...

luv the belt!

if you don't wanna show your shoulders...


I'll be posting more pictures soon =)

Gotta go now, I have to wake up early later for work.

- Jaki

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bolero , Shrugs and Capelets

These boleros, shrugs and capelets will sure come handy if you plan to walk down the aisle in a bustier or tube gown, especially if the church is so strict with the dress code.

I'm wearing a bolero with my gown, but I'm not sharing it with you (just kidding!). Of course I will be posting a picture of my bolero as soon as it's made. =)


- Jaki

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honoring Tita Cory (Corazon Cojuangco Aquino)

It's only but fitting that today was declared a holiday. Today, August 5, 2009 the Filipino people were given the chance to bid Corazon Cojuangco Aquino their last farewell and lay her to rest.

I was glued to the TV the whole day watching her funeral cortege. There was the 7o vehicle convoy, the sea of people awaiting her, walking from Manila Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial amidst the rain and the flood, the 4 untiring honor guards standing on the moving truck for hours and the throng of humanity honoring Tita Cory.

Dear President Aquino, you indeed lived a good life! You are a true Filipino hero. You will be forever remembered. Thank God for the gift of you. Your name will forever be embedded in the word demOCRacY.

Yellow ribbon in honor of Tita Cory

We won't forget...

- Jaki

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flower Girls in White

No, my little girls won't be wearing white... I just find these dresses adorable =)

...with blue belt

...all white, will pass as a mini-me of my gown inspiration =)


- Jaki

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jigs Mayuga : Make-up Artist

I'm so happy coz Jigs reconfirmed that he'll do my wedding make-up. =)

I admit, I'm so makulit, Jose, my h2b reminded me that Jigs already confirmed but I just wanted to be 100% sure that he has blocked off December 30. I've been bugging Jigs via SMS. Early this afternoon he posted a message in my Face Book wall, he said no worries and that Ney Guese will be doing my hair. Oh happiness!!! =)

Here's a picture of Jigs during his Out hosting days:

For those who do not know Jigs Mayuga, he is currently working for L'oreal Philippines as Chief Make-up Artist for the flagship brand L'oreal Paris. He does make-up for magazine covers and did shoots for Bianca Gonzales, Ruffa Gutierrez, Kim Chiu, Sarah Geronimo, Shaina Magdayao to name a few.

Below are pictures of his works:
Bea Alonzo for Starstudio's Wedding Magazine

That's Yasmin Kurdi with Jigs

...and Cristine Reyes

For more pictures, please click on this link:

Brides make up:

- Jaki