Friday, August 21, 2009

Adora Revilloza: Entourage Gown

We booked a new supplier today!=)

Last week, I posted a message at W@W asking for recommendations for an entourage gown maker. Several sisses replied, I wrote all their suggestions and told myself I will contact these suppliers and pay them a visit if the phone conversation turns out well. First and only call I made was for Adora Revilloza.

Tita Adora is one of the suppliers I shortlisted, actually, I already sent her an email last March regarding bridal and entourage gowns and she was very prompt in replying. I haven't gotten back to her after that since I already booked Janet Castro to do my gown. Since we only have 4 months to go before our big day, I feel that we have to book the entourage gowns supplier since we're already pressed for time.

This morning, Jose picked me up at a litle past 10am and off we went to Krus na Ligas, Quezon City to meet with Tita Adora. I only want to check out her creations. I have no plans of booking her yet since I still have several suppliers on my list. Besides, Jose was already a little upset due to traffic (what's new? lol) and the narrow streets on the way to Tita Adora was not helping (lines on Jose's forehead now visible, he's upset again, great!). I was already preparing myself that he'll suggest that we look for another supplier after this visit. When we finally got to Tita Adora's house, he asked me to go ahead and that he'll just look for a parking space.

Tita Adora is very pleasant and easy to deal with. Luckily, she had several gowns for delivery this afternoon, I was able to check out her actual creations.

One gown looked like this:
(that's Tita Adora holding the gown, picture taken using my handyphone, sorry I wasn't able to take a snap at the long gown)

I'll have one of our bridesmaids wear a gown like that in this color combination:
(that's supposed to be midnight blue with cotton candy pink, again picture taken using my handyphone)

here's another gown (promise, it looks pretty, sorry picture once more taken using my handyphone)

While talking to Tita Adora I sent Jose this SMS: "I'm going to book her. I like her".

The search for our entourage gown supplier is over. I booked Tita Adora, after less than 30 minutes of meeting her for the first time.

Gowns will be made of satin, in midnight blue with cotton candy pink accent.

Measurements will be taken next week earliest. Speedy =p

- Jaki

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