Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Planning Seminar

I stumbled upon this blogpost while searching for "getting a Marriage License in Quezon City" and "Family Planning Seminar" related stuffs.

I'm at a loss for words if this is how the seminar will be...



The highlight of the entire process was, funnily enough, the family planning seminar! H and I went, expecting to have a boring few hours ahead of us. But the minute the woman conducting the seminar (or "briefing" as she called it) said the word "t*t*," we knew we weren't in for a snooze-worthy biology lecture! I never thought I would hear that word said so many times in a seminar. I couldn't even bring myself to type it here. Haha.

The woman who conducted it was probably in her 40s, and she was so deadpan that it made what she was saying even more comical. Some gems:

Woman: Ang IUD po ay nilalagay sa matres ng babae. Ayaw po ito gamitin ng karamihan ng lalake kasi 'yung iba, natatakot daw na matusok ang t*t* nila. Sir, kita niyo naman kung nasaan ang IUD. Sa tingin niyo ba matutusok kayo diyan? Kung matusok pa kayo, matakot na kayo, hindi na kayo tao.


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Di kinaya ng powers ko!

- Jaki


  1. We had a funny Family Planning Seminar as well. It was more than 6 years ago so I don't remember verbatim what the lecturer said. Pero parang ganun din. I remember enjoying the otherwise boring seminar. :)

  2. sis jaki,

    is this the only required seminar in getting a marriage license? hayz. we'll get there. nagmamadali lang ako. hihihi

    happy preps!


  3. Ni : interesting =) I really thought seminars like this will be boring, we might have ours next month. Quite an experience pala sya sis.

    Eyzel : Sis,I think this one only. Well atleast now we know that the seminar won't be boring based from the blogpost I got =p
    Happy preps, looking forward to more of your DIYs =)