Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ramon Magsaysay Hall - 12.30.09

Ramon Magsaysay Hall Foyer
Photo Gallery c/o Extreme Details Photography and Cocktail Tables by Avengoza Catering

Drapes by Angel of Hearts and lighting by Reject Krew

Projector and Screen from Forsc Ink

Trellis c/o Avengoza Catering







Flowers and Table Setting by Avengoza Catering


  1. hi! I just stumbled on your site. I am planning to have my wedding reception at Magsaysay Hall too.. How many guests did you have? I was thinking of using long tables instead of the round ones so it won't be too cramped (I have 200+ guests)...

  2. We had 250 guests and it's already a bit cramped with that number. It's best to ask your caterer if they can fit the long tables inside the hall. We had 32 round tables (8 pax per table) and 2 long buffet tables.

  3. hi, how much is the rent for the hall?