Saturday, January 9, 2010

12.30.09 - Bits and Pieces

Ramon Magsaysay Hall Foyer
(Photo Gallery by Extreme Details & Cocktail Tables by Avengoza Catering)

My bridesmaids (sisters) and nephew having fun at Geronimo Photographico's Photobooth.
(Entourage Gowns by Adora Revilloza)

Bridesmaid Gates, turned Maid-of-Honour
(ugraded the flowers at San Agustin Church)

Walked back to Diamond Hotel...'s just across our venue =)


  1. Hi Sis Jaki!!!!

    Best Wishes!!!!
    I see that you had a blast!

    Hava a blessed marriage life!


  2. Hi Jhan!

    Whew! We're both Misis now =)

  3. Hi Jaki!

    Yes!!! How is it being a wife?

    Me, adjusting at the same time enjoying it. :P