Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sneak Peek: Pre-nup at The Heirloom Manila

Our photographer Edu Cortez of Extreme Details emailed me some of our pre-nup pictures.   I'm very happy with the shots!   I wanted the vintagey look, I succeeded =)

Venue: The Heirloom Manila
Hair and Make-up : Marge Apacible

Sidekwento: My Mom made the fascinator the night before the shoot.   W@w sisses, that's the french net from Sis Lyn =)



Welcome to the photoshoot


Jose brought along his Lomos.   Jose said, this is not the way to hold this lomo camera.  I told him, hold it up just the same for pictorial purposes, forgot to remove the cover of the lens of the one I'm holding nga e...

Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures as much as I did.

Special thanks to Edu, Tata and Victor (Extreme Details Photography) for the fun pictorial and the lovely pictures, the Heirloom for the picture savvy venue and Marge Apacible for giving me that vintagey look.


  1. oh! is that a Lubitel? coolness. lovely pics Jaki!

  2. --> Fozzy: Hi! Thanks! Yup, it's a Lubitel, one of h2b's gadgets he brought to the shoot. Amusing camera!

    ---> Jhan: Thanks =)

  3. hi jaki, nice prenup photos..... may i ask were is heirloom manila located? thanks!

  4. Hi Jhonnie!

    The Heirloom Manila is located in Quezon City =)

  5. Hi Jaki! Aww, thank you for this feature =) We're glad that you've chosen our venue for your pre-nup. Please send our regards to Jose!