Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marriage License Application - Quezon City Hall

On applying for a Marriage License at Quezon City Hall...

Went to Quezon City Hall yesterday morning (it's already 1:53AM) with Jose to apply for a Marriage License.   Took us almost 2 hours to file the application, could have done it in an a little over an hour if we came with all the required documents and if the instructions were more precise. In fairness to the City Hall employees (guards included), they we're all very helpful and accommodating.

Requirements for the application of Marriage License in Quezon City Hall (Window 10):

1. One of the applicants must be a resident of QC
2. Certified (NSO) True Copy of Birth Certificate, CENOMAR
3. Community Tax Certificate / Cedula (--> took us 15minutes to get this)
4. Colored or black and white ID pic of both applicants (-->submitted 1x1 colored ID pics)
5. Certificate of Family Planning (--->took us another 15minutes, walk included to get a schedule for the Seminar at the 2nd Floor of the Health Bldg. We'll be attending the seminar in 2 weeks time and the marriage License will be available the day after.)

Application Form:  Php50.00
Marriage License Application Fee: Php100.00
Marriage License : Php100.00

Note: Bring lose change for photocopying.

If you're saving up on leaves, only one of the couple can file the application and schedule the Family Planning Seminar, just make sure all the documents are complete.  


  1. very helpful information sis jaki...
    at least i have an idea what we will do prior to three months before the wedding....

  2. Hi Libz!

    Glad you find it helpful =)

    Goodluck with the Wedding Preps.

  3. Hello Jaki,

    Thanks for this very useful blogpost about marriage license application in QC. I just have one question about the following statement
    "only one of the couple can file the application and schedule the family planning seminar".

    Does this mean that I can file on behalf of my H2B? As long as I have his complete requirements? How about for collecting the license after 2 weeks, does it have to be both of us?


  4. it is mentioned that PHP 50 will be paid for the form... what about the downloadable .PDF form from the official website..URL:http://www.quezoncity.gov.ph/images/Downloadables/Forms/marriagelicense.pdf

  5. thank u for this information. i have question do we have to attend both for the family planning? although we re both 30 yrs.old? this is Annie

  6. hi Miss Jaki, what if we don't have any parent's advice? papayagan parin ba kaming magkaroon ng marriage license?

  7. very helpful thanx for the info....

  8. Christian ClementJuly 4, 2012 at 2:45 AM

    THANK YOU SIS! ^_^ Bery handy info share here...

    Do we really need the CENOMARs?
    Local City registrar says our Birth Certs are enough.

  9. Hello Jaki, got one question, I'm a resident of Manila but we're going to be married in a QC church, should we apply for it in Manila or QC? other forum says QC and others says in Manila, quite confusing isn't it.

  10. thanks for this info....:)

  11. Hi, I would just like to ask how many hours will the family planning seminar last?

  12. is the requirement(oct 2009 posted) above still the same as of today (sept 2012)?

  13. Hello po. Ano po updated requirements niyo for marriage application?