Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shopping, good food and good friends

My office friends and I trooped to Greenhills after our early dismissal this afternoon. This is the second year we did this, I'm thinking this will be an annual thing =) Imagine 5 shopping crazed ladies in one car, all in hopes of finding great buys and looking forward to a hearty hot pot dinner after. Quite a sight. Also, annoying to the ear hahaha.

All five of us came out of the shopping area happy (with our purchases). We had dinner at Gloria Maris after 3 hours of shopping! Tin's choice of food was perfect. We were so full! Capped the night over a cup of coffee care of the very preggy Trixie. Eva got herself the mug she wanted. The Starbucks stint was filled with kwentos and funny hirits care of this year's driver Rose.

It's a delight to be shopping and dining with dear friends =)

Next agenda, out of the country trip =8

- Jaki

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