Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre-nup / Pre-wedding / Engagement Shoot Venue

The search is on for our pre-nup venue...

Jose and I will be having our pre-nup shoot on October 6. We still have no venue, and it's less than a month to go before the pictorial!

Our photographer Edu of Extreme Details suggested we do it in Corregidor. Unfortunately we plan to use "props" and it might be difficult for us to bring it to Corregidor considering the ferry ride.

I've listed a couple of pre-nup / pre-wedding / engagement shoot venues. Most of these places I got from w@wies.

Here's the list:

Metro Manila

1. Bonifacio High Street (Taguig)
2. Intramuros (Manila)
3. Roxas Boulevard (Manila)
4. Greenbelt (Makati)
5. La Mesa Eco Park (Quezon City)
6. UP, Diliman (Quezon City)
7. Paco Park (Manila)
8. Rainforest Park (Pasig)
9. Sycip Washington Park (Makati)


1. Corregidor (Bataan)
2. Subic Free Port (Olongapo)
3. Clark (Pampanga)
4. Calatagan Resots (Batangas)
5. UP, Los Banos (Laguna)
6. Caleruega (Tagaytay)

I'll be adding more soon, with pictures hopefully. =)

Other concern is hair and make-up. My HMU Jigs Mayuga has not replied yet if we can do my trial make-up on October 6.

Oh goodluck to me!

- Jaki


  1. nacurious naman ako kung ano yung "props"...

    uy jaki, may tix na kmi to pinas! sure na sure na uwi namin sa dec. wee! we'll be seeing you and everyone on your wedding! :) exciting!


  2. Raf, airsoft guns and Jose's cameras hehehe. Yey! Excited to see you and Nel too. Tag us along if there's a get-together with Gab and Joel, salingpusa kami ni Ronski.=)