Monday, November 22, 2010


It's been months since I last updated this blog.   I actually forgot my password!

A lot of things happened since my birthday (my last post was about my birthday dinner).   I already updated my name in SSS and Philheath.   Yey for that!   I also learned to drive, I have my license already.   The best thing that happened is I'm now pregnant.   Big Yey!   I'm now on my 17th week.

I came upon a client in one of our cocktail events who told me that pregnancy will change my life.   I thought he was referring to having kids.   We'll he was right.    I'm having a delicate pregnancy, I've been in and out of bedrests.   In fact I'm on a 1 month bedrest now.   I'll blog about my bedrest soon.   I've joined a forum for expectant moms, it helps really to read about what others are going through.   I've downloaded several applications in my Ipod Touch too about pregnancy.   My four favorites are: Baby Center's Pregnancy. What to Expect When Expecting, Baby Bump and I'm Expecting.

That's it for now!   Have a good Monday!


  1. Wow! Sis Jaki...welcome back and a Big Congratulations!!! me too...i'm on the way...going on my 8th week this friday. :D

    keep writing even small posts. :D

    Ingat ka!

  2. Hi Jhan!

    Congrats too! Enjoy your pregnancy. We both have a lot of things to look forward to =)


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