Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Janet Castro

Janet Castro is the first couturier I inquired with regarding my bridal gown.   I made the rounds with other wedding gown suppliers and I decided to get her.   Janet is a breath of fresh air, she's so cheerful that she kinda give me this calmness everytime I visit her.   I also appreciate her inputs regarding the gown of my choice.   A lot of my friends liked my gown too.  

the gown

the Bride






Janet actually made me a gown with "two looks", unfortunately I left the belt  at the Hotel.

top shot at the church
with the groom

Just a reminder, fit your gown at least a week before the big day.   I think I had my last fitting two weeks before our wedding and I lost a bit of weight.   The tube gown was kinda loose, had to pull it up several times. 

Photos by Extreme Details

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