Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pre Cana Seminar

Jose and I agreed that he'll pick me up at 6am so we won't be stressed out by the traffic and be early for our 8am to 12noon Pre-Cana Seminar at San Agustin. We'll just have breakfast at Intramuros. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him to wake me up. Being the insomniac that I am, I slept at 1am already and overslept. I only woke up when I heard my mobile ringing, it was Jose and it was already 5:50am! I think it was already 6:20am when we left. We got to Intramuros around 6:50am and waited for Jollibee to open by 7am for our breakfast. Initial plan was to hang-out at Starbucks, unfortunately they open at 9am. We headed to San Agustin after breakfast. Since we were 15minutes early, we decided to take some pictures of the church.

Adamson University teacher Ate Babes was our resource person for the seminar. She was very knowledgeable and very nice. She spoke about the sacraments and zoned in on marriage. I will not discuss the details of the seminar. It's one enriching seminar that all couples who are getting married should really go through.

The 8am-12noon seminar ended earlier, I think around past 11am. We decided to go to the parish office and inquire about some stuffs. Ms. Belen asked us if we want to have our Canonical interview already which was due this October, since we were already there we decided to have the interview 3 months ahead of schedule...

- Jaki

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