Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trip to Robinson's Place Malate

I'm a Mall Rat.

My weekend is not complete if I don't go to the Mall. Last Saturday I decided to go to Robinson's Place Malate instead of Trinoma or SM North. The Mall was huge, some areas are still under renovation (construction?), but I didn't mind, I went around and still checked out the shops.

Passed by a bakeshop and their bread and pastries looked yummy so I decided to buy some. While waiting for my turn to pay, I can't help but overhear (ha ha ha chismosa ako) the conversation of the cashier and the old lady infront of me (ang tagal kasi). I can't count how many times the old lady asked how much her discount was, of course that set me off to listen more (uyyy may discount!), the thing is, 'twas a senior citizen discount pala ha ha ha. When they were done talking about the discount the old lady then started asking how come the establishment wasn't observing earth hour. Naku, kanina discount, now naman earth hour. I wanted to butt in and say that if the Mall will turn the lights out it will be too dark and we won't be able to find our way inside the Mall, hello! As in Hello! As expected, the cashier told her exactly the answer I had in mind. Buti naman! And after that the old lady left, yehey, my turn to pay, finally.

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